Rocket Ride

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 1.28.49 PM

An EASY activity perfect for snow days and guaranteed to get many-a-giggle**!

What you need:

~ A balloon

~ A paperclip

~ An index card or other scrap of sturdy-ish paper

~ Some stickers or drawing supplies + your imagination

What to do:

~ Grab your index card and either slap your favorite character sticker or invent a new adventure ready character and draw her/him on there.

~ Take your paperclip and pierce it through the index card. Then feed the index card around until it’s at the skinny, far away end of the paperclip.

~ Next fetch that trusty balloon and pierce the character laden paperclip through the blowing up end of the balloon.

~ Inflate the balloon, have a crazy countdown and release!!!

Enjoy the giggles as your characters zooms around the room!

**note: guarantee ONLY valid for WhyNotters with a solid sense of whimsy and an appreciation of the little, silly things in life!

Wanna get Wackier? WhyNot!

~ Have races! Who’s character can go the furthest? Who’s can stay off the ground the longest?

~ What happens if instead of putting the character on a paperclip you stuff him/her inside?

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