Willa & the WhyNots!

This story is in the works but here’s a sneak peak if you are curious!

Join Willa as she saves the wondrous but wilting world of WhyNot!

WhyNot by day.

WhyNot by day.

Willa had always been different. For her tenth birthday, all Willa really wanted was a hike in the woods with her family and her only friend. One crazy cocoon, a zillion freaky freckles, and one unexplained trip to a wild new world changes her wish list – Fast. Now all Willa wants to do is get home.

Unfortunately, retrieving stolen goods, protecting impish new friends, and restoring magic to a “magic-ish” world is as hard as it sounds – even if you are 10.

Note: This is a Middle Grade Fiction book and I CANNOT wait for you to read it. Keep up with news about the book’s progress (and other musings) by liking the my author facebook page!

WhyNot by night.

WhyNot by night.

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