Rocket Ride

An EASY activity perfect for snow days and guaranteed to get many-a-giggle**! What you need: ~ A balloon ~ A paperclip ~ An index card or other scrap of sturdy-ish paper ~ Some stickers or drawing supplies + your imagination What to do: ~ Grab your index card and either slap your favorite character sticker […]

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Awesome Launcher

PREPARE TO LAUNCH**YOUR**AWESOME!  With this mini, DIY, catapult you can launch most anything: mini-marshmallows, raisins, tiny toys, peas, your awesomeness… whatever your awesome self desires. Ready? Get to it! What you need: ~ A cap or other small cup-shaped something to be your launch pad ~ Glue (Elmer’s worked) ~ 6 or more popsicle sticks, […]

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