Lovely Links

Lucky you! New links!

Stumbling around the internet can be fun.  And sometimes it can be frustrating as all get out. Here are some links to sites that I find useful, entertaining, or otherwise exciting. As best I could, I grouped them by topic.

Please note, I don’t keep tabs on all these sites. I may not know about a recent post, brilliant, controversial, or otherwise. Some may be for you, some may not. Click at your own risk!

If you have suggestions of things for me to pop in here, please, contact me (michelleoharalevin (at) gmail (dot) com) and let me know!

WRITING – Links to make your writing even better:
Awesome verbs (from Writer’s Forum)
Story Structure and more (Daisy Carter)
Anatomy of a Showdown (on Fiction University)
All things Picture Book Writing (from the amazing Tara Lazar)
On Rhyming (The Meter Maids)

ACTIVITIES – Links to keep kiddos busy:
Kids Activities Blog
KeeKee’s Big Adventures
Magic Treehouse
The Pleasantest Thing

AUTHOR PAGES – Links to a few pages of other fabulous Authors/Illustrators – for a more complete list and for more links about reading see my Library’s Website!
Henry Cole
Ame Dyckman
Tim Federle
Adam Gidwitz
Tara Lazar
Adam Lehrhaupt
Corey Rosen Schwartz
Liesl Shurtliff
Linda Urban
Jane Yolen

DIY PAGES – for the secret DIY-er in us all:
Young House Love
Dimples and Tangles
Directions Not Included

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