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~ I am an educator and writer who adores good, old-fashioned childishness. I come from a family of storytellers, so at an early age I learned to appreciate a hearty laugh, a good cry, and a tall tale. My life’s mission, grand as that sounds, is to help ignite children’s passion for stories and books. Once upon a time, I taught Kindergartners and reveled with them in perpetual discovery and everyday magic. Today, I adore being the Teaching Librarian for the Lower School at The Potomac School. I love writing picture book, chapter book and middle grade stories for children of all ages. When not teaching, writing or reading, I have adventures with my husband, my two seriously fun sons, and our sweet rescue pup. A southerner at heart, I graduated cum laude from Rice University and hold a Master of Education degree from the University of Virginia. I currently live in Washington, D.C.

If you didn’t get enough facts about me, here are some more less-than-official-but-totally-true tid bits (in no particular order):

  • I try to learn one new thing each day.
  • One day I hope to go to a SuperBowl, a World Cup game, the Kentucky Derby, and a Nascar event. (I’ve already been to a Stanley Cup Final game!)
  • I love to bake (mostly because I love to eat baked goods).
  • My office is occasionally my dining room table, sometimes a sofa, rarely a park bench, periodically my car, and often my guest room. I don’t really have a “real office” for writing.
  • I like watching sports live better than on T.V.
  • For my entire life (except for the year I had chicken pox), I have celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in D.C. with my big, awesome, ever-growing family and extended family.
  • I really, really do NOT like pickles.
  • Even more than I don’t like pickles, I really DO like dark chocolate.

 Photo Credit: All these great head shots of me were taken by the amazing, talented, and terribly kind Becky Hale. Thank you, Becky!
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