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Michelle is an educator and writer who adores good, old-fashioned childishness. She comes from a family of storytellers, so at an early age she learned to appreciate a hearty laugh, a good cry, and a tall tale. Her life’s mission, grand as that sounds, is to help ignite children’s passion for stories and books. Once upon a time, she taught Kindergartners and reveled with them in perpetual discovery and everyday magic. Today, she adores being the Teaching Librarian for The Potomac School Lower School (K-3) Library. She writes picture books, chapter books and middle grade stories for children of all ages. When not teaching, writing or reading, she adventures with her husband, her two seriously fun sons, and their sweet rescue pup. A southerner at heart, she graduated cum laude from Rice University and holds a Master of Education degree from the University of Virginia. She currently lives in Washington, D.C.

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 Photo Credit: All these great head shots of me were taken by the amazing, talented, and terribly kind Becky Hale. Thank you, Becky!
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