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~ Michelle O’Hara Levin is an educator and writer who adores good, old-fashioned childishness. She comes from a family of storytellers, so at an early age she learned to appreciate a good laugh, a good cry, and a tall tale. Once upon a time, she taught Kindergartners and reveled with them in perpetual discovery and everyday magic. Today, she writes stories in Washington, DC and has adventures with her husband, her two totally precious sons, and their sweet, energetic puppy. A southerner at heart, Michelle graduated cum laude from Rice University and holds a Master of Education degree from the University of Virginia. Her debut novel, Willa & the WhyNots, is coming in 2015 from In This Together Media.

If you didn’t get enough facts about me, here are some more less-than-official-but-totally-true tid bits (in no particular order):

  • I try to learn one new thing each day.
  • One day I hope to go to a SuperBowl, a World Cup game, the Kentucky Derby, and a Nascar event.
  • I love to bake (mostly because I love to eat baked goods!).
  • My office is sometimes my dining room table, sometimes a sofa, sometimes a park bench, and sometimes my car. I don’t really have an office for writing.
  • I like watching sports live better than on T.V.
  • For my entire life (except for the year I had chicken pox), I have celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at the same place with the same big, awesome extended family.
  • I really, really do NOT like pickles.
  • Even more than I don’t like pickles, I really DO like dark chocolate.

 Photo Credit: All these great head shots of me were taken by the amazing, talented, and terribly kind Becky Hale. Thank you, Becky!
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