Frozen Fourth of July Wactivity

It’s the eve of the eve of the big freedom fest and you are frantically fumbling through Pinterest looking for that Holiday activity that will make you look like you’ve got it all together, right? (Oh, just me? Anyways…) A fourth of July activity to the rescue! WhyNotters, you are saved.

Frozen 4th

What you need:

~ an ice cube tray + freezer

~ red + blue fruit of your choice**

~ fruit + water

What to do – No rocket science here folks (perhaps next week):

1) Plop your blueberries or cherries or raspberries or whatever into your ice cube tray.

2) Top off the cubes with water.

3) Slip that beauty into the freezer

4) Wait

5) Pop those festive cuties into a glass and ice down some bubbly of your choice!

Happy 4th of July all!

Find more wacktivities on my Wactivity Pinterest Page!

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