Write Like No One is Watching

Do you know this quotation from William W. Purkey?

Love this. (source)

Love this. (source)

I love this one. I used it on college essays. It found a home on one strange job application. Then, decades later, without knowing about my affinity for this little message, my Yoga Teacher friend gave me a bracelet with this written on it (Thanks, Pleasance! Everyone- go check out lilomm it’s the best in yoga and community for ALL!). After that, I feel kind of Karmically connected to this little quotation.  (Does that even make sense? Can you be Karmically connected? Or should I be cosmically connected?? Let me know if you know the answer – but you get my point, yes?)

This quotation reminds me to quite my (many) internal critics. I think this is KEY when you are writing. It is for me at least. I mean, let’s be honest, Willa and the WhyNots is a romp in my imagination.

Yep, I made this stuff up.

Image from Willa and the WhyNots. Yep, I made this stuff up.

And, sadly, my inner critic can get pretty preachy about everything that happens there. It can be too little, too much, too silly, not whimsical enough… I mean, I MADE IT ALL UP. So it’s all subject to criticism and change.  But I’m trying to push past that.

So, in this new year, I’m sharing this little tip with you – WRITE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING.  Seriously, just write – just get the words down.  Maybe, MAYBE, turn the critic back on when you get to rewrites, but for now, just get it down.

Happy New Year,

xo, all,


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