Slowing on down (in life & in writing)

  I love this picture. It’s of one of my sons. I’ll let your wonderful imagination fill in just what he is playing at with his stick (no wrong answers here). I love this picture because it makes me take a breath, to slow down, to register that things go too fast. For better and […]

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Book: Wonder Author: R.J. Palacio So you’ve probably heard of this one, but I could not resist putting it up on my reviews and recommendations list. In my mind, Wonder should be required reading for all children (and their parents). At it’s core, Wonder is the story of being different and how people think and feel about […]

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Beautiful Oops!

Book: Beautiful Oops! Author/Illustrator: Barney Saltzberg Beautiful Oops! is the book my perfectionist childhood self needed (OK, I still need it). It’s a book for artists and creators and those who feel like they are always too far from the image in your mind. It’s a book that pushes the notion of failure aside, replacing it […]

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