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Here, dear reader, you will find my reviews and notes about stories I L.O.V.E.  Of course, I, like you, read books that I am lukewarm to and books that I actively dislike. There’s enough negativity and yuckiness on the internet so I’m only sharing the good stuff here. When possible, I’ve tried to stick with some lesser known books but there are some titles that I just could not resist putting in here. Pick a cover you like and check out my review! I’ll add more as I read more.

Note 1: I’d LOVE to hear about books that YOU adore!  Pop a comment in here so I’ll know what books to check out next.

Note 2: We can connect about books on Goodreads too.

Middle Grade Books:

The Five Sisters    savvy paperback big    

Picture Books (for all ages!):

MonstoreSecret Pizza PartyMouse was madMr tiger goes wildbeautiful oopsProfessor Wormbog3 ninja pigs

2 Comments on “Reviews & Recommendations”

    • Oh, my kindergartener too! I mean, it’s about superheroes AND underpants. And they use words like ‘pee’ and ‘poop’ from time to time. I mean, could it get any better?

      Honestly, as a mom, as a writer, and as a teacher, I am OK with these books. If they hook reluctant readers and convert them, AWESOME. Even if you have a voracious reader, these are fun reads. I think of a reading diet much like a regular diet. You aren’t only going to eat kale all the time (although, Mel, you might – good for you!). Sometimes a decadent, nutritionally less-than-kale little treat is just the thing. The same is true for reading. We all should read the good stuff often and it’s totally OK to read something that is pure entertainment too.


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