Yes Day!

The other day, our family tried something new – Yes Day! A day in which every requests results in “Yes!”

yes day

Note: this was NOT my idea. In fact, the thought frightened me on many levels. I mean, really, a day when the kids get whatever they want? It sounds like chaos. It sounds like bedlam. It sounds like a former Kindergarten teacher’s worst nightmare.

The little kiddie corner of me (the part that let’s me write Willa and the WhyNots) was absolutely excited about “Yes Day!” However, the grown-up side of me argued that we have rules for a reason. We have limits and guidelines and parameters to keep the wheels on this here cart that we call life. Get rid of them? Well, that was just plain scary.

We’d been inspired by the totally delightful book “Yes Day!” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal (who, by the way, has an author website that makes me drool and I love LOTS of her books).


My Kindergarten-aged son couldn’t get enough of this story or the idea. For months he pestered me about when we could have our own ‘Yes Day!’ I gave professionally wishy-washy answers (not my first rodeo, folks). I ducked and dodged, knowing full well that the reason we weren’t doing it was because I was the nervous, weak link. When my son suggested that we do it on my father’s birthday, well, all my defenses crumbled.

My dad passed away a few years ago and he was the kind of guy who believed every day should be “Yes Day!” He thought if something was good then more of that was better. He shopped with a strict “We see it, we like it, we buy it” philosophy. Yep, G’dad would have LOVED “Yes Day!” So I caved. “Yes Day” went on the calendar. We counted down the days. Most of us with glee (one of us (me!) with serious concerns).

Now, I’m not crazy. We laid out a few ground rules. No asking for something impossible, like no trips to the moon. No requests for something completely impractical (sorry, no pet monkeys).

No Monkies

But you could ask for things like pizza for breakfast, special deserts in your lunch, and extra fun activities during the day. All ‘reasonable’ requests were guaranteed a ‘yes.’

Even with the parameters, I was a little nervous…

Of course, my boys loved it! Ice cream for no-reason mid-day? Yes! Fresh baked cookies for desert? Yes! Mac and Cheese and Peas for dinner? Yes!

But, the real shock was that I loved it! It was this delicious day when I got to say ‘yes’ to all those things that normally I, as a “responsible parent,” felt like needed a “No.” It was a surprising vacation for all of us!

What do you think? What scares you about it? What do you fear your kid will ask for?

If it’s at all interesting to you, give it a go! You may just have more fun saying ‘yes’ than you think!

P.S. YES, this will be a new tradition for us on my dad’s birthday!

P.P.S. Yes, I think he’s very pleased wherever he is.

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