What if… love?

Hello WhyNotters,

If you have a daughter (or son), nieces (or nephews), or influence the lives of small children in any way (hint: you probably do!) – take two shakes to look at this amazing video by Dove.

Did ya watch it? (Really? Go ahead. You should It’s worth it.)

If you didn’t have two minutes now, here’s the message –> WHAT IF… LOVE?  What if … we love ourselves just as we are? What if we teach our children to do the same?

In this case, it happens to be curls, but one could do this video over and over and over again substituting “curls” with myriad things including body shape, skin color, nose size, toe length, etc.

In theory this is, well, lovely. In practice, it’s hard. TOO hard. We, and our children, are bombarded by images of bodies and hair and skin. I don’t think for one second that I can change ALL that… but what if…

What if… I write one blog post about it and two people read it? (I’m realistic here…)

What if… those two people think about it and one of them talks to someone else about it and they get fired up and tell three more people?

What if… I try really hard for my boys to never hear me say negative things about my body or my appearance? (OK, I’ll try not to think them too, but again – realism, right?) Will that change what my sons value in future significant others?

What if… I talk about what we see in Disney movies and on magazine covers? What if we discuss body images we see and what real people look like and what REALLY matters (hint – none of what you see)?

What if…

What do you think?

What can you … what if?

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