Do you read or e-read?

The debate about e-readers vs. “old fashioned” books rages on…

OK. I don’t think that’s true.

Sure, there are circles and communities, mainly in academic settings and libraries, where this is a still a hot debate. And, yes, the research about whether or not the formula of  “little kids + picture e-book = regular reading value” is still coming in (from what I’ve read, it doesn’t look good – message me if you want more details). But on a day in day out basis, I think most teenagers and adults have made their peace with this debate. Most folks I know do a smattering of both. E-reader often. Real books sometimes too. But recently I’ve been thinking about how I interact with each one. Where I fall on the “great debate.”

I’ve decided this: I connect better, more deeply and more personally, with a real book.

Somehow great reads seep into my soul better when they have a colorful cover image calling me from across the room and heft in my hands. Note: I have no scientific evidence for this. I just know that sometimes, I’ll be reading an e-book that is really delightful and the thought that flickers through my mind each time is “I wish I had the REAL book of this… I bet it would be even better.”  Maybe it’s the difference between a pen-pal and a friend you can meet for a cup of coffee. Maybe the physical presence is important to me.

What do you think? Am I off my rocker? (Oh no! Does that I still crave paper books mean I’m old enough to spend a lot of time in said rocker?) How do you feel? Where do you come down on the great debate?

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