The Five Sisters

Book: The Five Sisters

Author: Margaret Mahy

All children love good stories. Not all children crave high drama, high action tales. The Five Sisters is a lovely book from a prolific author who is under appreciated in the U.S., if you ask me. I remember when my wonderful school librarian directed me to this title. I was looking for a new chapter book to read aloud to my class that had interesting female characters. We’d done some classics and action tales and I wanted to shift up the pace. This was the perfect book (Thank you, Tina!). If you are ready to  change things up in your house/classroom, to present refreshing heroines with vastly different characteristics, and to read a book full of wonder, then this one is for you!

As a classroom teacher, this book begs for a follow up art and writing activity in which your student make their own chain of paper doll characters, each with unique strengths, fears, and interests.

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