SUPER Sweet SUPERsize Me Experiment

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 1.31.00 PM

What you need:

– Gummy Bears (yum!)

– Water

– A container

optional: a rule and/or food scale

&, of course, one wacky Whynotter!

What to do:

– If you opted for a ruler and/or food scale, take the measurements of your gummy bear. How long is it? How tall? How wide? How heavy? Record this intel somewhere safe.

– Then pop your gummy bear in a container of water. I suggest one bear per watery container (but, heck, see what happens if you dump a bunch in one… why not!)

– Wait (oh, the patience step… always the hardest)

– In a couple of hours, take your growing bear out and remeasure. Pop it back in and wait…. Repeat as you like.

– End result? One SUPER sweet SUPERsized bear!

Other things to try (Why Not!?):

– Does it work the same with other liquids besides water? Milk? Soda?

– Does it work the same with other gummy things? (I’ve heard worms don’t do it… I wonder why, don’t you?)

– Does the temperature of the water make a difference?

– What can you think of to try that I haven’t??

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