Super Surprising Spring

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If you live on the East Coast, you are experiencing winter and spring battle it out. Winter won’t give up, but spring won’t either (I promise)! Here’s a wactivity that proves the power of spring (& life & mother nature & all sorts of cool stuff).

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What you need:

~ Some seeds (we used broccoli seeds and chia seeds)

~ Sponges (we used new ones, but I wonder if old ones would work too)

~ a Dish to set them in and some water in a spray bottle

~ a Sunny window

~ one excited and patient Wactivity-er!

What to do:

~ Dampen your sponges (not soaking, not dry, somewhere in between) and put them in your dish. We used a glass baking dish.

~ Put one kind of seed on each sponge (if you are using chia seeds, get them wet in a little bowl first, then spread the chia/water/seed goo on the sponge)

~ Use a spray bottle to give the little seeds a shower that soaks ’em pretty well.

~ Set the dish in a sunny window.

~ Every day, be sure to keep those seeds & sponges damp. Every night, consider covering the dish to create a cozy, greenhouse effect.

~ Watch, wait and be AMAZED! Those seeds will sprout without soil!Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 12.01.12 PM

If spring can come to a sponge, surely it will come to all of us too. Why Not?!

 IMG_2759 IMG_2760 IMG_2761

Find more wacktivities on my Wactivity Pinterest Page!

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