Solar S’mores

Summer is a perfect time for s’mores. If your house doesn’t lend itself to open flames, then harness the power of the sun. Why not!

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 1.14.47 PM

What you need:

~ an old pizza box

~ scissors or a knife

~ tinfoil

~ black paper

~ plastic wrap

~ tape

~ S’more fixin’s

~ a sunny day & one wacky WhyNotter!

What to do:

1) Draw 3 sides of a square on the top of your box about an inch in from the edge (using the hinged side as the 4th side of your square). Cut the three sides out so you have a new, smaller flip top.

2) Cover the new flip top with tinfoil, shiny side showing and line the bottom of the box too.

3) Slap that black construction paper in the bottom of the box to attract some heat

4) Lay out your delicious s’more ingredients as shown

5) Wrap the bottom of the box in the plastic wrap. Tape might come in handy here. The goal here is to trap heat and keep bugs out.

6) Sit it in a sunny spot and angle the lid** so that the sun is reflected down onto your s’more halves.

7) Wait for the sun to create some delicious melty-ness then eat & enjoy!

**Depending on the angle you need, you might need to prop the box open with a stick, fork, or something.

(We found this idea on Pinterest and we changed it up mostly by using less tape and precision. You can find the link on the Wactivity Pinterest Page!

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