Book: Savvysavvy paperback big

Author: Ingrid Law

You know those books that you just want to dive into, hang out with all the characters, and live in their world? This is one of those. I adore this book. I recommend it to everyone I see (OK, that’s an exaggeration but if we get to talking Middle Grade fiction, then this is usually the first recommendation out of my mouth). This is a great book about figuring out who you are and how you fit in your skin that is told with a distractingly wonderful story and cast of characters. Mibs Beaumont, our heroine, is perfect, especially in all her imperfections, confusion, and bravery. The fantasy in this book is right on the edge of our reality and so likely that you believe it could be true… maybe even of your family.

This is a great classroom book, especially if you are trying to boost your gender diversity or if you want to spark discussion about what makes each of us special and how we find and honor that within ourselves.

If you don’t teach, get this. Read it to your kids or just to yourself. It’s delightful.

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