Rockin’ Recycle Ornament

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 1.45.31 PM

Easy, peasy decoration and/or gift for this Weekly WhyNot Wactivity

What to gather:

– Empty one paper towel or two toilet paper tubes

– Paint/markers/glue & glitter/stickers or something to decorate them

– Scissors

– Stapler

– A bit of string

&, of course, one wacky crafter!

What to do:

– Decorate your tubes however you like. Glam it up, Why Not?

– Cut them into about 1 inch wide circles

– Staple 5 circles together, one to the next in a circular fashion.

– Run some string through the middle to hang it by and decorate away!!!

See, so EASY!

When you finish this one, please share a pic!

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