Oil & Water(colors)

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 2.38.35 PMSimple, fun, and science, this lil Wactivity might just make you look at watercolors with more wonder.

What you need:

~ Oil + a Qtip, small paint brush, or dropper. I used canola oil, olive will work too.

~ Water

~ Watercolors (if you have liquid ones it will look even cooler, more vibrant, etc – we were fresh out, so we used the old, patty pan kind)

~ A tray or mess-safe table to work on

~ Paper

& one or more wacky WhyNotters!

What to do:

~ Paint, smear, or drip your oil onto your paper! Have fun with it.

~ Let it soak in and dry for a bit.

~ Get your paint on & enjoy! Watch how the watercolors resist the oil.

Other things to try:

~ Again, if you’ve got liquid watercolors, give that a go. It’s even cooler.

~ Try painting first then dropping the oil on. What happens?

The inspiration for this is on my Pinterest page.

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