M&M Treat Trial

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 5.15.53 PM

Taste your delicious results after putting your skills through some trying trials! That’s right. After your trials you get to enjoy the experiment!

What will you need? Just 5 things and the lab participant!

1 Straw

1 Bowl

1 Timer or something that can count down from 10

Construction Paper

And of course, M&M’s at least a serving size worth (For a healthier version, try peanuts or corn pops!)

Step 1: Put different colored construction paper down on a flat surface so the colors are overlapping.

Step 2: Scatter the M&M’s all over the construction paper.

No order here, just scattered so some blend in with some of the construction paper

Step 3: Set the timer to 10 SECONDS and hold the straw in your hand. Patiently wait for someone to start the timer.

When the timer starts, you’re going to use the straw to pick up the M&M’s one at a time and put them in the bowl. BUT HOW!?…

Step 4: GO! With one end of the straw in your mouth, touch any M&M with the other end of the straw. Now try slurping up the M&M. It won’t actually go up the straw, but it’s like a vacuum so the M&M sticks!

Step 5: Carefully, BUT QUICKLY move the straw and release the M&M into the bowl by turning your mouth-vacuum off.

Step 6: Repeat steps 4 and 5 until your time is up!

When time is up, count how many made it to the bowl. Then, start over!

Try this for 3 trials to compare results! Remember which trial you got the most M&M’s and eat that many! …And now gobble the rest. Because they’re a delicious treat, and you’ve worked hard for them! Enjoy!

Were some trials easier than others? More difficult?

Too easy?! Step it up!

To make this experiment more difficult try it with less time on the clock! Also, try replacing the construction paper with a busier page of colors like from a magazine. This will create more chances for the M&M’s to blend in with the environment.

Try this!

Instead of racing against the clock and recording just your times…..invite another person (or 10)! You might need more M&M’s, but the more the merrier. No worries, in the end everyone gets to enjoy the trial treat!

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