Make It Rain, Yo!

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 2.39.02 PM

April showers bring May flowers, right? Well, I dunno about where you live but weather in these parts has been downright wacky. So here’s a little weather inspired activity.

Note: Part of the way we all cope with life is by getting used to stuff that happens. What’s happening here is common, so it can feel kinda “meh,” but I challenge you, take a minute and notice the cool science-y, wonder-filled stuff that’s really happening. If you need to, pretend you’re a little kid. Let the everyday wonder in!

To make it rain in your house you will need:

– A glass jar (like a mason jar, but I bet other glass containers will work, try it!)

– Smokin’ hot water

– A plate that will totally cover the mouth of your jar

– A bunch of ice. (aside: what is a group of ice called? lettuce groups are heads of lettuce, grapes congregate in bunches… what about ice?)

& of course, some Wacky experimenters!

How to simulate rain:

~ Take your smoking’/steamin’ hot water and pour a few inches into your glass jar.

~ Pop the plate over the mouth of your jar and trap that heat in. Let it hang out in there for a few minutes.

~ Dump a pile of ice on top.

~ You will see the condensation form on the sides and the drips will slide down like RAIN!

Wanna know why this happens or what’s happening when those April showers start? The inspiration for this Wactivity and the science behind it can be found here!

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