Ghoulishly Good Green Smoothies

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 10.43.45 AM

What you need:

~ A blender for smoothies

~ Milk or almond milk, banana, spinach/kale (I know, I know – I swear you won’t taste it and neither will your kids), peanut butter (or almond or soy butter), ice

~ eyeball sprinkles (found at a grocery store this time of year!)

~ optional: halloween-ish sprinkles & straws

~ required: One (or more) Wacky WhyNotter(s)

What to do:

Toss all those ingredients into your blender and mercilessly blend away. Pour your creepy concoction into your glass, float an eyeball or two (sprinkle away) and enjoy your devilishly delicious (and super healthy) smoothie!

Add in chia or flax seed!

Note: my two year old gobbled these up like the goblin he is!

Find more wacktivities and the source for this idea on my Wactivity Pinterest Page!

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