DIY Corn Wactivity

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 2.08.40 PM

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, we bring you some DIY corn that is fun, fabulous, and decoratively functional!

What to gather:

– Paint in corny colors

– Paper plate or other paint-OK surface

– Bubble wrap, little bubbles

– Paper: white + green

– scissors

– Glue (stick or liquid)

& one Wacky WhyNot DIY-er

What to do:Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 2.08.25 PM

– Swirl your corny color paint together

– Cut a piece of bubble wrap the size that makes sense for your plate.

– Gently push the bubble wrap, bubble side down, into the paint.

– Lift it up and use it as a stamper on your white paper.

REPEAT until you’ve done all the white paper you want.

– Let it dry!

– Cut out oval, corn shapes (we cut a first one free hand then used it as a sample to trace for the other ones).

– Cut V shapes out of your green paper (again, you can use your first one as a tracer for the rest).

– Glue the green on to the while and, voila! Corn!

Feeling Wacky? WhyNot!

– Make a bunch and staple them onto a paper plate to make a wreath.


– Pass them out at Thanksgiving and get everyone to write what they are thankful on them.


– Write guests names on them and use them as place cards on your Thanksgiving table


– Add glitter to the wet paint after you stamp it! Glam it up!


– Tie string to them and then hang them from a hanger or sticks to make a mobile


What can you think of? Tell us!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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