Color Scatter

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 1.24.46 PM

An easy, fast, repeatable activity to keep the scientist in you busy!

What you need:

~ Whole Milk

~ Food Coloring

~ Dishwashing soap

~ A shallow pan or dish

What to do:

~ Lay down a thin-ish layer of milk

~ Drop food coloring in helter-skelter.

~ When you are ready, add drops of the dishwashing soap and watch the colors scatter!!

Wanna change it up? Why Not?!

– what happens if you toss in glitter? or float a toy boat on top?

– try with low fat milk (spoiler – it won’t work! This has to do with what the soap is trying to do to the lipids (fat molecules) and low fat milk doesn’t have enough to make it work! — for more on this check out the source for the inspiration)

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