Magic Beans

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 3.21.09 PMBeans can seem boring but, like most things, they can be magic in the right light. The wow in this wactivity is how crazy easy it is.

What you need:

~ Glassware (think vases, pint glasses, mason jars, etc).

~ A selection of different colored dried beans (here you see green and red lentils and black beans)

~ One wacky creator!

What you might want:

~ Candles

What to do:

~ Pour those dried beans in layers and patterns!

(that’s it — Crazy easy!)

We did this candle pattern motif but if you had 3 different shaped glasses you could do different patterns and group them together!

NOTE: Make sure you check with a grown up before lighting the candles and I’m not sure what happens when the flames burn down to lentil level. Blow them out before then!

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